Monday, January 19, 2009

Antoine Vollon - Mound of Butter

Antoine Vollon, "Mound of Butter"

From the NY Times:

The work is primarily a pile of weightless brushstrokes, perhaps a comment on the excesses of Impressionism, which was all the rage during the time “Mound of Butter” was painted.

I see that Mark Doty has also posted this on his blog.

Other still lifes by Vollon: "Still Life with Cheese," "Fleurs," "Still Life of White Azaleas," "Still Life of Herrings suspended on a Wall," "Strawberries."


  1. Yes,Vollon's "Mound of Butter" is an old friend by now, but it's still a but overpowering despite my daily use. I first saw the painting perhaps five years ago when I was just beginning my project called Artists at the Table,which now is available on line as
    I hope that you will visit. I'm also just discovering Chronicle, but I am not sure where I fit there since I'm neither a cookbook maven nor a recipe sleuth. I cook for fun, for nourishment and because my wife goes along, delighted.


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