Monday, March 30, 2009

Caryn Scrimgeour

Caryn Scrimgeour
More of her work here and here.

From the introduction to her show at Everard Read in Capetown: Fragile, fertile deceptions… (2008):

The technique of trompe l’oeil’ inevitably demands exceptional virtuosity on the part of the artist. But Scrmgeour’s concerns transcend technical acumen in the service of optical trickery. Her choice of imagery, while varied, veers towards the fragile and fragmented, with objects evoking nostalgia, solitude and alienation. Scrimgeour’s place-settings, dinnerware and off-beat delicacies – juxtaposed with strategically mismatched eating utensils - serve both as quirky cultural chimeras and powerful personal metaphors.

We may also attach a metaphysical reading to her imagery, from the shifting positions of the knives and forks, to the physical fragility of the selected objects , and from the miscellany of tableware to her choice of wrappers, vessels, skins and shells.

Scrimgeour acknowledges that her choice of table adornments derives from “a personal reflection of occurrences and events which have had a significant impact in my life… (They) trace a journey which could easily be applied to any woman living anywhere in the world independent of the demographics or political aspects of a situation.”

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  1. I am discovering so many beautiful contemporary artists! Thank you so much!


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