Thursday, April 21, 2011

Completely Unscathed - Dog and Painting Blur

Now that the lost paintings have been retrieved and unpackaged and found to be completely unscathed - we can sit back and enjoy them for a while.  It's sort of like meeting old friends.  The paintings are only from a few years ago, but Rob hasn't really painted flowers much since then.  Other obsessions have taken over.  So it's nice to bask in the glow of these light filled paintings.  I imagine he will paint flowers again one of these days - the shapes are so intriguing, the light that flowers draw to them and emanate can be wonderful.  I'd be perfectly happy to keep the white lilacs, and the one below of lilies.  My blurry photos don't do the paintings justice, but I wanted to show how we live with art too.  

The living room is often loaded with paintings - they're stacked up on our sideboard several deep and wherever else there's room.  Sometimes Rob will put them on the floor which isn't the best viewing position, but allows us to see more of them at once.  Later today, my plan is to pour a big glass of cheap white wine, and sit there and drink them in.  So much better than watching Tv.  When I sit in our red living room, and look at the paintings, the stress disappears.  I know they'll find a home eventually.  They're too beautiful for it to be otherwise.  We've often over the years had people ask, but what if the paintings stop selling?  what if they don't sell? what if beauty or paintings or traditional art or etc goes out of fashion? (You can see this often panics the asker more than it has troubled us).  I guess that question is always there.  And in truth the sales haven't been exactly huge the past couple of years.  But the paintings are still there, the work is still being done.  Eventually sense will be made of it all.  It's not as though paintings go bad, right?

The dog, I think, likes guarding the paintings when they're on the floor.  When he was a pup, Rob had brought a freshly varnished painting up to put on the table in the front room.  At the very end he goes over the painting with a layer of varnish to even out the pigments.  He left the room and came back 20 minutes later to find that the bottom righthand side of the painting had been licked clean off, signature and all, right down to the bare canvas.  Luckily it wasn't an elaborately painted section, and luckily the dog has always had a cast iron stomach.  Even though I doubt Mr. Ace would do such a thing nowadays, Rob lets the paintings dry in his studio for an extra day.

Hard to believe such an innocent looking pup would do such a thing:

Nope, I think the paintings are completely safe with this guy on the job.

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  1. What a relief those beautiful paintings found their way home. Ace looks gorgeous in front of them.


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