Friday, April 22, 2011

For I am Convinced that Life is Beautiful

"For I am convinced that life is beautiful."  

(Clarice Lispector)

I spent the day thinking about light.  Doing housework, computer stuff, took some photos, read some poetry, some of my beloved Clarice Lispector.  Happiness.  Who knows why, but these are among my favorite photographs, I know they will be.  It's this way that you feel when you're shooting.  I felt the same way this past week, writing a particular scene for my novel.  Maybe it's something like runner's high.

When you read how-to books on writing poetry or painting, you often hear the advice that at times you must delete or paint over the part that you feel is the best. Sacrifice this area that doesn't seem to work. I've always felt like this is bullshit somehow.  What do I know.  But I always feel like it's important to consider what is contrary.  I'm a contrarian.

If it's beautiful, keep it.  Maybe you want to keep that passage because you felt beautiful when you were writing it.  You were soaring.  It was full of light.  You were happy.  Convinced for once that life is beautiful.  Keep it.  Maybe it's a flaw, but it's a beautiful flaw.  Let it in. Find a way to keep it.

One of the poems I read today, by Charles Reznikoff:

One morning, I sat down at home
to read or write and for a moment thought:
how wonderful the light!
It lit up table, room, and street,
the neighboring houses and the sky;
how clear each object in the room,
how clear the sight of room and street;
how even, mild, and wonderful the light - 
just sunlight.

Here is what the room usually looks like - I took Rob's shell painting down so there would be more space around the cages.  

How wonderful the light....


  1. I love these photos, so beautiful. And I know what you mean about light. I sat in my melting yard this morning, sipping coffee. It was warm, finally! There was definitely a bite in the air but I could not be inside. The combination of the sun warming the yard and shooting beams into my house was so glorious.

  2. I'm with you on this one, Shawna. Sometimes you have to keep the gems just for you.
    Your photos are so beautiful. I think the second one is a family portrait.


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