Friday, April 8, 2011

Silence and Insomnia

I took this photograph yesterday, in the still and silence of the morning, after a night of insomnia.  I'd stopped on the stairs and looked up to see the dog asleep in the sun and Rob's just completed painting on the table behind him.  The night had been long and worried and full of odd voices and I had the thought that it would be nice, too, to find a spot in the sun and doze.  The pile of post-it notes on my desk, my reminders and lists, indicated otherwise.

A night of staring at the ceiling has, for me, sometimes led to interesting daydreams and scribblings the following day.  When one is exhausted, it's possible to see things differently. Is it a bit like being drunk?  The world is at a different angle.  Off-kilter.  If only there was time to enjoy these unbalancings, the view from half-opened, slightly swollen eyes.

The night has things to tell us, if we listen.  The fullness of its silence.

1 comment:

  1. If only those thoughts could be mentally filed and retrieved during the light of day. So many dreamy ideas have been lost forever. I have started writing notes in my bathroom late at night when this happens to me.
    Ace looks like a pool of ink!


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