Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Morning, Letting the Light Enter

It seems a miracle that there is light in the morning now, at breakfast time.  But we'll soon be used to that.  Our neglected and somewhat bedraggled bonsai above - the light, still low and all is brown outside.  A reverence for light, that's what poetry is in so many ways.  Its possibilities.  Possible illuminations.

I keep running into this quotation that I love by the filmmaker Sven Nykvist:

Light can be gentle, dangerous, dreamlike, bare, living, dead, misty, clear, hot, dark, violet, springlike, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft.  

And the light this morning is springlike and living and limited. Maybe it's gentle too.  There is birdsong right inside of it, and jasmine tea. I think that light can also be sharp and worried and slight.  It can be full and revealing and watery or blue.  What else?  

Yesterday came across this poem.  And had been thinking that light is what we need more of, all of us. Here's an excerpt of "Let the Light Enter."  You can read the whole poem on the Poetry Foundation site.

Let the Light Enter
    The Dying Words of Goethe
“Light! more light! the shadows deepen,
        And my life is ebbing low,
Throw the windows widely open:
        Light! more light! before I go.

1 comment:

  1. I feel those dying words of Goethe almost everyday! I sometimes sit in a pool of light in my bedroom, feeling like it's being poured into me, in order to fuel up for the rest of the day.
    Love the bonsai - is that a little hummingbird hanging from it? Too cute.


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