Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Beauty Around Objects

I bought these apricots yesterday because I wanted to remember the colours. The space around the colours.  The beauty of the space around these particular colours.  The beauty of the breathing space around fruit and colours, and the scent of ripening.  I wanted to remember to breathe, to breathe colours and space.  I wanted to remember the beauty that the space has around objects on a table, to remember to make space for the space too.

There is a poem I found a while back titled, Ideal, by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge.  Which says it all better than I could:

I did not know beforehand what would count for me as a new color. Its beauty is an analysis
of things I believe in or experience, but seems to alter events very little. The significance of a bird
flying out of grapes in a store relates to the beauty of the color of the translucency of grapes.
There is a space among some objects on a table that reminded her of a person, the way the bird reminded her,
a sense of the ideal of the space she would be able to see. Beauty can look like this around objects.
A plastic bag on a bush, moving slightly, makes an alcove, a glove or mist, holding the hill.
Time can look like this. The plane of yourself separates from the plane of spaces between objects,
an ordered succession a person apprehends, in order to be reminded.

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