Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Don't Go to Just Any Strange Dreams

"I don't go to just any strange Dreams.  I go to those that resemble the ancient gardens where I spent a forgotten life, to those that spread out beneath the earth, before names, in the zones where music is spoken, where the languages before languages resound."  

~ Helene Cixous in Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, chapter titled, "The School of Dreams"

For me this book has been the most indispensable book on writing.  Because for me writing is dreaming, writing comes out of dreaming.  I feel most alive when I am dreamwriting.

Cixous quotes Marina Tsvetaeva:  "The state of creation is this dream state where suddenly, obeying an unknown need, you burn the house down, you push a friend off the top of the mountain."

When I wake up in the morning, Rob goes down to make the coffee, and I dream for awhile, always think about my characters, what I'm writing, I dream them.  And it does seem like a forgotten life, the remembering of a dream. It's also difficult to seize, blurry, as dreams are, this story I want to tell.  How to gain a grip on the air of dreams....

Well, more on dreams and writing in future posts as it's a topic that I'm quite obsessed with.  My last book of poetry was filled with dream imagery.  The Red Velvet Forest.

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