Friday, May 6, 2011

You Who Are Alone

"Every poet's words. (1) I am alone, you who are alone come with us, this will not break the solitude.  (2) Whoever says: 'I am alone' breaks the solitude and affirms it by this act of speech."

~ Helene Cixous in Stigmata: Escaping Texts

It's been a glorious week of being alone, embracing solitude, inhabiting the beautiful and tricky silences of the suburbs.  Another day ahead of writing and dreaming.  I'm serene.  Have written maybe 20 pages this week, which I couldn't have done had I not had all these days in a row mainly to myself.  So, gratitude for that.  Less pining, more gratitude, I tell myself.  I'm not going to allow myself to dream of a month for writing, alone.

A book that has meant a lot to me, and especially this week, somehow:  Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon, by Nicole Brossard.  The characters voice these lines, "Silence contains everything required to live happily."  And, "From silence streams everything we call art, including the art of living.  Imagining without silence or without the restraint of silence would be unthinkable."  

This is an amazing and difficult book.  It's the (impossible) standard I'm holding myself up to in writing this latest book of mine.

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