Monday, July 4, 2011

An Abundance

It seems so long ago that I was immersed in writing the essays that compose Calm Things.  But I do have fond memories of thinking about the economy of the gift and researching examples of art given as gifts.  One famous example that I recount in an essay called "Of Coffee Pots, Teacups, Asparagus and the Like," is that of Manet's single asparagus.  He was generously overpaid for the painting below and responded by painting a single stock of asparagus, saying, that the bunch had been missing one.

There is more on the asparagus in still life here, and if you're interested in the subject of still life and cooking, it's worth looking at this blog, one I've always been fond of called, Feasting on Art.

There is such an abundance at this time of year.  The beautiful produce, fresh flowers.  The colours, the light, all so inspiring!  I did in fact rise at a little after 5am this morning and wrote for a couple of hours, and how wonderful it is to do so in the bright sunlight!

Well, poems on asparagus?  One by Atwood.  Perhaps there are poems on hollandaise as well.  : )  One hopes.

1 comment:

  1. I like your photo better than the painting...
    It's almost like imagining what you are going to say based on your photo, then reading a pretty good rendition. Impressive.


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