Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Now what food do we feed women as artists upon?" ~ Virginia Woolf

This is part two of our Jasper trip, but I must preface by saying we've been eating a lot of Kraft Dinner in the last couple of years, we artists. (Okay, actually we usually make homemade mac and cheese, and we do eat pretty well in general, but just not out at restaurants too often).

Here we are at Cavell's at the JPL. Above is the pomegranate mojito I had.  I could drink 10 of these, they're so good.  I might not be standing afterwards of course, but man I'd be happy! The mint was so fragrant, I can almost smell it looking at the photo.

This post is really for Cathy, who will enjoy the food stuff the most I'll bet.  Hi Cathy!  : )

So this really neat thing happened to us at Cavell's.  We were specially (or maybe it was randomly, but I'm okay with that) selected to try the chef's latest creation - this exquisite appetizer of lamb rubbed with masala with a tiny side of this gorgeous salad.  Okay, probably I'm getting all the details wrong, but I'm telling you it was the best lamb I've ever had. The rub was out of this world, and it was just unbelievably tender and delicious. My husband, mother-in-law, and thirteen year old all adored it.  The handsome chef came out and dazzled us with his presence and described how he'd made the dish. We all felt like we were on a food network show suddenly - can't tell you how fun this was and how special we felt.

Chloe and my mother-in-law each had the lobster ravioli and loved it.  (This is from the appetizer menu).  They stopped short of licking the plates. At least I think they did.

This was Rob's pizza - a BLT.  Locally grown tomatoes and arugula and some boar bacon.  He said it was to die for and I believe him.  I have to because he didn't save me a piece.  

 I love beets, I adore them, but I'm alone in the house on this one, so whenever I see a beet salad on a menu, it's pretty much a done deal.  I love this salad so much I took two photos of it.  Also, the beets are organic, so for me that's a big plus too.

The presentation was soooo goshdarn lovely.  Why don't all salads come on these long rectangular plates?  I love the colours - the deep purple of the beets, and the golden beets are that sort of saffron yellow.  And the raspberry emulsion dressing - well, yes.  Beautiful.

These are the risotto cakes I had and here is the description from the menu:  Galo mussels, fresh clams & scallops, biodynamic aged carnaroli rice & pecorino pesto grilled asparagus, marinated cherry tomatoes, smoked tomato coulis.

I can't tell you how good they were.  And I love the portion size.  (They were from the appetizer menu).  I mean, they were just divine and they went so perfectly with my salad.  I would have it all again.

Chloe had dessert, and this photo seriously doesn't do it justice. (I swear I only had one Mojito). An apple tart on the one side and then a lovely rhubarb compote on the other side.  Simple and delicious.  (I know because she spared a few bites).

And last but not least, on another day:

One of the best things to do at the JPL is to sit in the Emerald Lounge and order a coffee or tea or glass of wine and sit and read a book, glancing out from time to time at the amazing view.  Sublime.  We had lunch there one day also, and I have to mention that the kids' menu is the best - Chloe had the Mac and Cheese there once (beautiful and homemade) and the Beef Tenderloin with mashed potatoes.  (Yes, on the kids' menu...)

So that was probably my first and last attempt at restaurant food blogging.  But I can see how it could be addictive - getting to relive a beautiful meal all over again....


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow, all this food looks fantastic! I wouldn't mind try the lobster ravioli and I'm also a fan of beets, so place that on my order too!! Loving these photos, the DOF is perfect.


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