Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sunny Side

Thinking about self-portraits again, the self-portrait in poetry in particular.  Another poem here by Adam Zagajewski. Thinking about the ways in which those whom we cross paths with alter things. Those we love and those we don't love. A life that belongs to me, that also is what I'm after.  Something that is real and authentic.  

I like what he says about reading the poets and then, the philosophers. Poems like this renew my faith in poetry.  So simple and true and real. 

Impossibly, so it seems, rain again today.  But yesterday was lovely and I took a stack of poetry out to the backyard and read.  Didn't write a word.  Just sat and got a little sunburned and marveled at the green. We've sort of contrived a bit of an outdoor room, so that when I sit it my favorite chair, there's nothing else.  I can't see any of the houses that are right behind us.  I'm all alone. Quite gloriously alone.  I love this space, maybe more so because it's so fleeting.  Three months, maybe four if the fall is half decent, to enjoy it.  And of course, subtract from this all the rainy days : )  

There's a sundial on the U of A campus which says something like, count only the sunny hours, which I've always thought is lovely.  And this song too.

So, my dears, today, not only am I wishing you calm things, but also a walk on the sunny side of the street.

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