Friday, August 19, 2011

Colour of Truth

It's that moment of summer, near the end, when you look back and see if you crossed off all those things you wanted to do on that list you made at the beginning.  Oh, lord no.  Not even close.  But then again, we did manage to paint our walls grey and slush out our unfinished (doomed to be always so) basement.  It's actually not completely embarrassing down there any more.  We've also re-hung most of our art, though that's a work in progress.  Above you see the blur of a painting Rob did some time ago - from a series where he depicted the image in a mirror ball.  We kept one for ourselves, and I've always had it hanging in my study.

I decided it was time to shake things up, and also change the look in our family room.

I love grey, always have, but lately I'm pretty obsessed with it.  All the shades, particularly the steel greys and blue greys.

I'm happiest when I'm wearing grey.  Which is weird, but there you have it.

After his show, I somehow convinced R. that it was time he painted something just for us.  I chose the image and I think his execution of they typewriter painting, above, is pretty darned cool.  I love it.

Maybe it was the cooler, cleaner, greys in our house that inspired a sort of gallery-style hanging of the paintings in our family room.  There's an orderliness to this line up of art that I crave these days.   And one paintings seems to speak to the next in new and interesting ways.

We've left out the cheesy souvenir tulips that we bought in Amsterdam earlier this year.  I love the shots of colour in our new grey world.  Fun to compare them to these mini roses that were on sale super cheap at Safeway a week ago.

And this would be a shot of our living room, pre-art hanging.  I like the way these two pictures look propped on the chair. We were trying to figure out if they'd look okay on the wall above, and in the end decided, yes.

"The color of truth is grey."

~ Andre Gide

So far, I'm really just enjoying my obsession with grey.  Not trying to overanalyze.  But it's interesting how over time, we are drawn to one colour or another, one shade or another.  Is grey the colour of truth?  The truth must lie in all those shades of grey, certainly.  Things are never just black or white, as they say.


  1. So if a person is 'going grey', do you think they are becoming more truthful? I would say yes, at least about hair color....
    Love the new truthiness of your walls.

  2. I love that painting and love it even more that he painted it for you.


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