Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Exclamation of Yellow

"I rested.  I went to contemplate my hibiscus. I feel tied to hibiscus by an illegible message.  Hibiscus are animated by sequence.  One flower stretches toward victory.  First one sees the soul swell the petals, folded so as to exhale.  Next: exclamation of red.  Now the flower is going to redescend.  There is no pause between the ascension toward birth and the decline. The newly born flower followed by the flower of the next generation.  Already the little breast swells. This is the announcement. She's going to shout she's going to fall. I set out again."

~ Helene Cixous in FirstDays of the Year

And maybe I've been holding out on you.  For I've spoken of The Stream of Life as the single book that has meant the most to me.  But perhaps it's false to speak of single books.

Maybe I return to FirstDays more often than any other book.  When I need permission to write, this is very often the book I select.  It's strange though that you can write, think of yourself as a writer for say, twenty years, and still want/need permission.  I discovered long ago, that there is no person who can exactly give you this, but there are books that may.

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