Monday, August 1, 2011

Jasper - Part 3

I swear this will be my last post on Jasper and The Jasper Park Lodge. (Geez, you'd think I was getting paid for this).  But hey, it's great to make the vacation last longer by reliving it on the blog : )

It was SUCH a great year for wildflowers.  The last few years have been a bit dry out there (and here) but the rain seems to have brought out a ton of wildflowers.  Or maybe it was just the timing, but they were everywhere. I loved that.

The Adirondack chairs strewn around the lodge property are just so great.  They're really comfortable but also colourful - and I would bet money that they were placed for photo ops.

I love walking around the grounds with the dog and checking out the bigger cabins. There's some pretty intriguing history which you could read about here.  I think it's neat to read about the movies that were filmed at the Lodge. I haven't seen any of them and am going to seek them out.  Fun to think about Marilyn Monroe and Bing Crosby hanging out here back in the day.

Now, this is the photo that everyone takes, I'm pretty sure.  This is the main lodge viewed from across Lac Beauvert. The tree stump with the hole in it seems almost too good to be true, but it is true.

This is our sweet daughter.  You're wondering, was it so cold out that toques were needed?  Well, not necessarily, but there is definitely a nice chill in the air early in the morning and I wore a sweater too, to walk the dog.  

I'm really crazy about all the rocks, and the moss.  The terrain is just so different from where we are, I can't help but get excited by it.

The docks around the lake near the lodge are so wonderful.  I've spent many a happy hour there reading a book. They're simple, but it feels so decadent - sitting by this beautiful and insanely clear lake, looking up at the mountains.

Tough to beat this view.

The blue of the chair and the blue of the lake.....I could stare at this all day.  Definitely a 'calm thing.'

Last but not least, the flowers at the lodge.  I love the way they overflow from boxes, and are hung on the Narnia-ish lamp posts which are all over the property.  They enhance the natural beauty of the place and are elegant rather than showy.  They fit.

And thus ends part three of our three day Jasper trip.  Though I'm sure I'll be posting more photos on Flickr over the next few days as time permits.

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  1. Holy Mary, Mother of God...... How could you leave that place? Simply wonderful. I sure wish I had been there with you! Thanks for the little get-a-way on paper.


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