Thursday, August 25, 2011

Live deliciously...

Another one of those flying, fifteen minute blog posts.  Because the next few days promise to be busy.  And there are all these pictures I want to share.  A couple of them have even been on the Explore page on Flickr.  Which is lovely, but a bit disconcerting too.  So many people looking!   It's nice, but it's not what my usual Flickr experience is.

I read this poem that I thought was so good, and by one of my favorite authors, Susan Griffin so I wanted to share that too.  Her non-fiction books, Chorus of Stones and Eros of Everyday are on my near bookshelves, as I call them.  The shelf near my favorite chair. If you haven't read them I highly recommend both.  The poem is titled, "Happiness" and begins:

Happiness. I am not used
to this. (There is always
something wrong.)
Look at it
the bright early tree.

read more here.
I know I often will say this, but the ending, you must read the last two lines.  Amazing.

The weather goes on being odd to the end of things this summer.  Now that it's not raining every second day, the wind is a bit too breezy to really enjoy nights out in the backyard, but we did manage one this week.  With a spot of wine and all that.  I liked the slogan on the back of this bottle: "Live deliciously." 

And we have tried!  I made this lovely, healthy salad with farro (a first for me, quite liked it) and fresh veggies this week.

The heirloom tomatoes were fantastic - each one tasted a bit different.  And they're so beautiful.  (This is one of the photos on Explore).

And this is another of the Explore photos.  Cookies by Chloe, of course. (Our daughter).  I haven't even close to the patience to make such things.  The recipe was out of the Martha Stewart cookie cookbook and tasted very very good.  Too good.  Each one is pretty much a meal.  Which works perfectly at breakfast.

 And last but not least... a little music on quietube for you, can't get enough of Louis Armstrong.  I can't give you anything but


  1. congrats on the 'explore', it is indeed a lot of attention but also very exciting!


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