Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Makes You Come Alive


Randomness alert:  the pictures have pretty much nothing to do with this post, and the rest of it is likely to be unconnected too.  (There, I've just given myself permission to ramble, nice).

Just a bunch of stuff I've been thinking about lately, or that keeps cropping up.  

First of all, the power of a smile.  

I love friends, I want more friends.  I love smiles.  That is a fact.  How to develop smiles? There are a variety of smiles.  Some smiles are sarcastic.  Some smiles are artificial-diplomatic smiles.  These smiles do not produce satisfaction, but rather fear or suspicion.  But a genuine smile gives us hope, freshness.  If we want a genuine smile, then first we must produce the basis for a smile to come.  

~ Dalai Lama

I've started my new job at the Edmonton Public Library, and every day I love it more.  It's too new to talk about much right now, but I feel like I'm surrounded by people who are smiling genuine smiles.  How profound that is.  The hope, the freshness.  

I've blogged about this book before, but it comes up often enough for me, that I'm going to mention it again.  I'm always surprised by how few people in my circles have heard about Carolyn See, and especially her book, Making a Literary Life.  It's her idea of writing "charming notes" that I love, and if you google "Carolyn See charming notes" you'll see that I'm not alone.  I'm not going to go on about it - you can read through to the links on her - other than to say, it's a good thing to do.  I've not written as many charming notes to authors lately, but used to write one every couple of months.  I think the notes I write these days are to charming authors who have become friends.  Mainly these are informal, casual things that take place via email or on Facebook, but when you've read a book you love, and the author is still alive, I say, write! 

Which brings us to carrots.  And radishes.  (Don't ask me about the birds' just seemed like the thing to do one afternoon this week).  Actually, the blue table is the thing.  I bought it at Winners this spring, cheap, of course.  And it's the right size for the little space by our back door in the kitchen.  The light is often terrific there.  So I often plunk stuff down and see how it looks.  This was the case with the produce you see here.  It's amazing how the light shining on something perfectly ordinary changes it, changes you.  

I sometimes ask myself, what the heck is all this picture taking for?  It's a bit silly in so many ways.  It's not for anything, yet I persist. It reminds me that I'm alive, there's that.  Maybe enough?

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman

Which is a quotation you hear/see often enough, but I think, for me anyway, bears repeating.

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  1. Oh those random radishes are ravishing. Sending smiles (real ones).


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