Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Day is Precious

More evening shots from last night.  There's something calming, soothing, about the coming of fall, the earlier darkness. (In spite of the big neglected mess that is our backyard).  I've made a pact with myself to try and make or write or photograph or do something beautiful every day. At the very least, to read something beautiful.  Maybe it sounds corny, yes it's corny, but it's a way into finding an inner calm.  And really, happiness.  A calm and steady, abiding happiness.

Several friends have mentioned that I might like reading a couple of books by John O'Donohue, and I've always passed them over.  Who knows why that happens.  The right books come to the forefront at the right time it seems.  Lately I've seen O'Donohue mentioned on a couple of lovely blogs I sneak peeks at from time to time, and suddenly the time seemed right to pick up on this. The two I've read are Anam Cara and Beauty.  They're simply written, which isn't to say they're simple.

From Anam Cara:

"A writer writes and writes and writes, and yet the harvest is so minimal. Nonetheless, Rozewicz [the Polish poet, Tadeusz Rozewicz] quotes an old dictum that says, "It is more difficult to spend a day well than to write a book."  A day is precious because each day is essentially the microcosm of your whole life. Each new day offers possibilities and promises that were never seen before."  

I think this is pretty profound as an approach to life - to imagine that each day is a microcosm of your entire life.  How do you want to spend your life?  How do you spend your days?  How are you spending today? Do they all jive?

They won't always, but why not try most days to make this happen.  He has a lot to say also, about the workplace which is pretty spot on as well.

"No one suspects the days to be Gods." 


And this is quoted in Anam Cara as well.  Which has reminded me to take out my Emerson again.  Lovely, yes, the way one book leads to another?


  1. thanks for sharing your calm wisdom...

  2. Love your posts but Shawna, I find it very difficult to read the font being used. I had a second opinion by asking my son who said the same. I do hope you don't mind me pointing this out. Have a beautiful day, dear!

  3. thank you both. Madhu - thank you for letting me know about the font! yikes. it's just a standard font, so i wonder if it's translated differently on your computer? i'll ask a couple of friends and see what they see. i appreciate you stopping by and for the comment!

  4. I have found a way to read it! By highlighting the words :-)

  5. Wonderful post! I am inspired by your thoughts!


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