Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Falling Light

"Listen. Put on morning.
Waken into falling light." 

~ W. S. Graham

I have such a craving for light this morning.  It found the heather on my kitchen window sill.

I think we all have those days when there's too much to do and the body just wants to sit and be still.  The craving for quiet and stillness is there, but yet, the errands call. In other words, time to comb my hair, turn off the computer...I've always liked this quotation from Joseph Campbell where he talks about the activity of writing:  

"Jesus also said that when you pray, you should go into your own room and close the door. When you go out, brush your hair. Don't let them know. Otherwise, you'll be a kook, something phony."

- Joseph Campbell

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