Saturday, September 17, 2011

Walking the Dog

There's the pup in all his goofball glory.

It's not the most picturesque place in the world, this path beside the utility corridor which is beside a fairly large roadway.  But if you get in close enough, you can edit out the power lines, the semis roaring by, the rows of suburban houses.

I don't usually take my camera with me, as this is the time I like to think about what I'm writing, what I want to write.  Things rattles around in my head.

The path inside the field has become quite overgrown since a family of coyotes has taken up residence. We walk in a little bit, but no longer walk the entire length of the field these days, instead walking on the other side of the fence, sticking close to the gravel path.  Over the summer and even lately, we were treated to a number of late night yodeling sessions, so even though I haven't spotted the coyotes for a while I know they're there.

They used to have a den behind this particular patch of rose bushes and wild currants.  (I think they're wild currants, no real idea).  They're now at the further end of the field in a long and narrow stand of trees.

We usually walk into the field about as far as the no trespassing sign, something that never stopped us before.

I miss seeing him run around in the field, pretending to be a hunting dog.

Ace is pretty used to posing for the camera.  He knows there's a treat at the end of it all.  It's hard to get him to stop licking his chops because of this.

Here, try my left side.

Or what about my right?

To blur....
or not to blur....

 He's ready for his close-up.  (Almost time for that treat).

Here we are on the way home.  He'd gone on ahead to chase a squirrel running along the top of the fence to the left, and then I called him back. 

And the remainder of the photos are just snippets of things seen on the way back home.  Nothing thrilling, but part of our daily ritual.  


  1. Hi Shawna
    What a gorgeous post~ Your photography is amazing! As soon as I saw the photo of Ace, I followed your link from flickr :-)
    Ace is stunning! We lost our black lab Ernest 4 months ago, and reading through your post was like walking with Ern again ♥
    Hope you are having a great day.
    {vintage sparrow}

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Deb! So sorry about Ernest! (such a great name for a lab...) They become a big part of our lives - they really are such members of the family. We love our guy, so I have an idea of how much you must have loved yours. : )



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