Thursday, September 15, 2011

You're Having Your Turn

Yesterday afternoon I had the notion to take the above assemblage outdoors.  I had company though.  The fellow below.

He currently has the bad habit of eating the fallen apples until his stomach aches.  But while I was watching him he knew to leave the apples and only look longingly at them.

There are so many good dog poems - Neruda's "A Dog has Died" comes to mind.  And there's a longer list here. "Happy as a Dog's Tail" by Anna Swir is new to me, and I quite love the title.  Anyone who has met Ace, our lab, would understand why.

And now on to the usual randomness.  I re-read Elizabeth Smart's Assumption of the Rogues & Rascals one afternoon this week.  It's a short, intense book, only a little over 100 pages. I think it's interesting that Smart didn't like the description 'poetic prose' but preferred 'concentrated prose.'

"I am old enough to know that nothing I want will ever happen.  I might get a faded facsimile."

"This isn't at all enough, but I see I must make it do.  I must I see I must."

"Isn't there some statement you'd like to make?  Anything noted while alive?  Anything felt, seen, heard, done?  You are here.  You're having your turn. Isn't there something you know and nobody else does?  What if nobody listens?  Is it all to be wasted?  All blasted?"

An excellent book on Smart is by Kim Echlin.  In it Echlin says, "Why has a woman's experience of raising children and pursuing a creative life largely been concealed?  Why is it hidden?  What are the necessary conditions of creativity?  Why is this truth so little discussed?"  

Maybe this has changed somewhat.  Maybe it's discussed more often in dark bars over large glasses of wine, in stolen time, over teacups during afternoon naps.  There is so much exhaustion while children are small, and then when they're a little older, self-sufficient, there's so much to catch up on.  What are your necessary conditions of creativity?  Mine?  Time.  Knowing that those I love are safe and happy.  It helps to have friends with whom to drink wine and talk about the necessary conditions of creativity.  How those conditions fluctuate.  Many more things, many more.

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