Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Balance and Peace

If yesterday's post was about balance, then perhaps today's post should be about harmony.

"To paint is not to copy the object slavishly, it is to grasp a harmony among many relationships."

~ Paul Cezanne

That's the whole lot of them, above. And I can't promise there won't be more photos, but here is what there was today.  It was fun to try to develop some type of harmony from all these pretties.  Certain colours attracted certain colours.  Patterns gravitated toward like patterns.  

The morning was errands, part of the afternoon was teacups, then the school pick-up.  I tend to go 10 minutes early, partly to avoid the parking madness.  Partly so I can just relax and read.  Today it was Jean Vanier's Finding Peace, which is a short but utterly profound little book. Vanier says that we don't  all have to be working for peace on the world scale.  We don't have to be Nelson Mandela.  We all have the power to be peacemakers in our own lives.

"To be a peacemaker means not to judge or condemn or speak badly of people, not to rejoice in any form of ill that may strike them.  Peacemaking is holding people gently in prayer, wishing them to be well and free.  Peacemaking is welcoming people who are weak and in need, maybe just with a smile, giving them support, offering them kindness and tenderness, and opening our hearts to them.  It is welcoming those with whom we may have difficulty or whom we may not especially like, those who are culturally, psychologically, or intellectually different from us.  It is to approach people not from a pedestal, a position of power and certitude, in order to solve problems, but from a place of listening, understanding, humility, and love."

~ Jean Vanier

I find this statement to be both powerful and beautiful and also - difficult to enact.  But I also believe the attempt to be a peacemaker, if that's what you want to call it, is also profoundly worth the attempt.

So, yes, randomness.

And how about something completely different?  A little Blossom Dearie here - Tea for Two.  : )

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  1. Beautiful quote, love it, going to print it out and have it pinned on my board as a reminder as it is a very difficult one to enact as you mentioned (especially with people whom you dislike! :-) ) Thanks Shauna for this!


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