Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Walking the Dog in Outer Suburbia

 It's rarely foggy here, but it was this morning.  I sat in my upstairs window seat this morning early with my notebook.  Far from the computer.  That was about 5 hours ago.  It's now 10:30 am.  Thus the short choppy, exhausted sentences.  I love sitting on my old, ripped and rickety chaise in the dark. (I dream of having it recovered some day in a dove grey colour).  I turn the closet light on behind me, and then there's the light from the streetlight just outside my window, all of which is very conducive to thinking, writing down dreams, reading.  This morning I re-read parts of the amazing Yesterday at the Hotel Clarendon by Nicole Brossard.

I was hoping the fog would last at least until I walked the dog, and it did.

It's ugly in many ways, the path by the utility corridor where I walk.  But the fog lets you see it all anew perhaps.

Ace seemed a little extra scampish in the fog. Looking out for whatever might emerge from the mist.

It's a plain enough fence.

 I could see the cars move along the highway like ghosts on the other side of the field.

I'm quite fond of the shot below.  The fog obscures the construction going on to the left, and the reams of suburban houses on the right hand side.

Another view of same with less foreground, more fog.

 And this is the other thing the fog obscured.  Partially.  The giant power poles.  Which is obviously the whole point of the utility corridor.

One of the last of the dandelions gone to seed.  I like the bedraggled-ness of this one, the damp edges.

And here is a sign of the construction.  The giant earth mover.  They've been taking the clay out of the one field for use in building the many new overpasses.  And have just now begin sculpting a bowl where they have taken the dirt.  A huge section of land, remodeled.  The stand of trees I have been so fond of, plowed down.

On the way home.

Someone left a bag of McDonald's garbage on the road in front of our street over night.  First thing the black cat that torments our black dog on a regular basis was half inside the bag, unpacking.  And when I arrived back home after the walk, there were two crows enjoying themselves, with a magpie off to the side, waiting.  And here is the streetlight planted in front of our house.  And another creature, also waiting.

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  1. Beautiful fog photos! I love all of them.

  2. What a foggy gift you were given today. Lovely, lovely.... And thank you for Arcade Fire - another gift.

  3. We must chat about Yesterday at the Hotel Clarendon. I'm not a fan.


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