Monday, November 14, 2011

A Saturday Afternoon Holiday

I can't remember the last time I spent a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace (albeit a fake fire), reading a book for pure pleasure and escape.  The new P.D. James book was perfect for this, and yes I'm reading it on an e-reader.  I can't see ever giving up 'real' books, but the e-reader has its uses.  There's a lot of anxiety about e-readers, I think, but throughout the history of the book, whenever there has been a change in the material book, so it is.

I've never been able to stomach any of the Austen continuations, truth be told, but somehow this one works. And I didn't even have to leave the house to get it.  There's something a bit magical to think to oneself, oh, this is what I feel like reading, and minutes later to have it in one's hand.

For the books I most love, the e-reader wouldn't do the trick.  I love to underline, dog ear, and flip back and forth.  I like to return to favorite passages with ease.  Sometimes I like to read from back to front.  These things are not that easy with the e-reader I have.  Yes, you can virtually dog ear and underline.  Not the same.

My guess is that small presses will make increasingly beautiful and tactile books and the design of books will become more and more important.  For example, I recently purchased a new copy of Jacob's Room by Woolf and I love the simple design, the way the book opens, the lack of cover blurbs etc.  The paper is just the right weight, the font is readable and elegant.

Have a wonderful Monday, all.  If you're like me, your to-do list is overwhelmingly long. Which is why I'm even more glad that I indulged in that Saturday afternoon escape.

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  1. My to-do list becomes longer every day, until, like third world debt, I must forgive myself some of what I wish could be, but, will never be done.
    I love reading real books for the same reasons. I love also to look at them in the bookshelf, to remember each one, its author, and what is in the book, and to be able to check my memory of it occassionally by opening to favourite pages. It is similar in a newspaper, I never read the entire newspaper onine, but I almost always do in real, though I do this only about once every week or two, as a luxury of what 'makes the newspaper in Edmonton and/or Toronto.


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