Thursday, December 22, 2011

Looking for Light on the Shortest Day of the Year

 Today there will be 7 hours and 27 minutes of sunlight.  Sunset at 4:16 this afternoon!  Which means, we go collect our kids from school, make them a snack, and that's it folks.  The world shuts down. This can get a little depressing that's for sure.  So, today was a search for light.  I had R. bring me home roses this morning after doing the school drop off.  We had pears and brie and crackers for lunch.  And there was a small interval where the grey was a little less grey, a little less thick.

Reading one of my favorite books this afternoon, Coming to Writing by H. Cixous.  From her essay on Hokusai:

"We who are bits of sun, drops of ocean, atoms of the god, and who so often forget this, or are unaware of it, and so we take ourselves for employees.  We who forget we could also be luminous, as light, as the swallow that crosses the summit of the incomparable hill Fuji, so intensely radiant that we could ourselves be the painter's models...."

May you be intensely radiant this holiday who are bits of sun...


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