Saturday, January 21, 2012

tea and sandwiches

It was a week of tea and sandwiches.  I recently picked up Power Foods, a book by the editors of Whole Living.  When you're stressed out, I think it's just that much easier to let yourself go, and boy have I.  I don't have any fancy resolutions - and I'm not a dieter.  But I'm trying to eat better, exercise more.  So far it's been fun.  My goal as usual, is to not make two meals at dinner. So while our teenager (a selective eater) is branching out, I still can't get her to eat things like avocados and kale.  I'm usually only at work a couple of times during the week, so lunchtime is when the kale comes out.  I am a big lover of sandwiches, and a cup of green tea is the perfect complement.

The first one was low-fat goat cheese spread, tomato, avocado on rye bread.

I was very fond of this one.  I wilted kale in lemon infused olive oil and a bit of garlic.  Excellent on its own - I could have had just the kale quite happily.
 It was a bit of a grey day when it came to the goat cheese, tomato and herb sandwich, so the photos aren't the best. All the same, it was tasty and comforting on a cold day in the middle of a cold week.

And maybe chocolate isn't a power food, but once in a while a square of chocolate is good for the soul.

It snowed here overnight and it's warming up - already up to -18c!  Though likely colder with the windchill factored in.  However, so much better than it's been, so I'm looking forward to bundling up and heading out with the pooch soon.  Have a wonderful Saturday, all!


  1. YUM! They look delish. IS that a black rye, too? That fried egg looks so perfect. Ok, gotta go eat....

  2. I think they call it 'Canadian Rye' - who knows why? Thanks dear Lucy - I thought of you when I posted these, : )


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