Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Indulgence

From Margaret Atwood's poem, In the Secular Night:

"It’s necessary to reserve a secret vice."

A little CanCon this morning.  Sarah and Margaret.  I think they go together very well actually.  Both are wonderfully refreshing, are they not?

As for me, I have high hopes for this day.  A home day, a writing day, a creative day.  First I will be planning for the course I'll be teaching at the Faculty of Extension, UAlberta, beginning in February, though. Though I've enjoyed the few courses I have taught, I've sort of decided in my mind that this will be the last course I teach.  (Although one never quite knows where life will take one, so I'm saying this with the possibility of the opposite occurring).  I know that for the next two months the balance of our / especially my life will be completely off-kilter.  The creative energy that should be going into my own work will be spent on the work of others.  I know that a lot of people have the ability to be creative while teaching, but I'm not one of them.  So, I guess that's my confession of the day too.  I'm going to enjoy every second of the course, but after that it's back to my self-indulgent ways.  : )


  1. wishing you a lovely weekend shawna.
    here it is beautiful winter weather these days, bright sun, snow and biting cold. i think i am going to use this weekend for letter writing and some knitting on my new blanket. and drinking huge amounts of jasmine tea : )


  2. i've been one of your students and never once thought of my writer-prof having to re-arrange her own creativity the way we re-arrange flowers over and over again in vase - each day looking at them a different way and wanting to see that one special blossom in a different light - be self-indulgent and make sure you find those precious moments of writing for yourself. indulge yourself in the same way we re-arrange flowers. xoxo

  3. Shawna,
    I live very very far away and would never be able to take your course, but am oh so interested in learning from you. Of course I do learn from the writings on your blog. I wonder if you might ever consider a course online. How lucky are those who can attend your class!!

  4. Loved this! Makes me sad to see Sarah and her ex-husband - they made beautiful music together. Makes me smile to think that Sarah says this is the only love song she ever wrote.

  5. Thank you dear Lucy and Vibeke and Anons. I think creativity is constantly re-arranged no matter where you are or what you do. I guess that's part of the process too. : )


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