Tuesday, February 21, 2012

praising the grey sky

I'm very much enamoured with this poem I read on the Poetry Foundation by Brenda Shaughnessy, titled "A Poet's Poem." It really is completely brilliant, summing up a day in the writer's life in so few lines, and so humorously.  Short excerpts don't work with this poem, and I try to go by the 'fair usage' guidelines, so encourage you to click through to Poetry Foundation for a read. The last line cracked me up - maybe it's because it's something I've said more than once - half laughing at myself, half completely seriously.

We had a beautifully busy long weekend - saw lots of wonderful friends which was very restorative.  Ate lots of dessert.  (We made these vanilla cupcakes with pink champagne icing and the pink lemonade granita below, my girl and I).

So now I'm ready to do a little bit of hermiting, be alone in my room again.

The morning will begin with making lists, then.  And watching the late snow that has begun falling soft and straight down.  And dreaming a little, and praising the grey sky.

1 comment:

  1. HA! I laughed, too, at that poem.

    Lovely and delicious pink things for a grey day. How wonderful we got in on that!


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