Friday, February 24, 2012

relentlessly, joyously, sensuously

It took me two days, off and on, running errands and walking the dog in between (as well as all the other usual stuff), to upload all the photos Getty Images requested. So, now it's back to regular programming.  While I uploaded I would pick up Neruda's Odes and read a little.  He so relentlessly and joyously and sensuously described the world, object by object, thing by thing. Maybe description is the wrong word - he caresses and delights. It's as though he's breathing new life into a tomato, to thread, to a dictionary, or a bird or to bees.  He also writes odes to things like: laziness, sadness, and to criticism.  When I first came across his Odes to Common Things is when I wrote my book Still. Reading Neruda, anyway, reminded me, that pure description, can be a form of sustenance.  It may seem simple but it is powerful in its potential to refresh the way we see and understand the world.

Meanwhile, I had taken these photographs of our family favourite ginger cookies and was itching to work on them.  As it turns out, I did next to no tinkering with them. Leaving images, can be a good thing.  It's possible to come back to them with that fresh eye, necessary for processing.  I've found another little spot, "a sweet spot" in our house that works at a certain time of day - later in the afternoon the light is perfect.  This is a rickety old dresser that my husband bought at a junk shop before we were married.  But the wood is nicely weathered, and the light upstairs is quite different from the light in the kitchen.  

For me, the cloves make the cookie. They have a nice sharp bite to them.  Very spicy.  Perfect with tea.

This photography thing, the obsessive looking, seeing, snapping of photos....I think some days is not so far off from Neruda's project.  

And now the dog is wanting to walk (speaking of relentless), so I leave you now and venture out into the snow  But I do so want to thank those of you who stopped in here the last couple of days and listened to my SoundCloud recording!  That means so much to me.  Have a beautiful Friday!

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  1. Shawna, thanks for reminding me of Pablo Neruda! I look forward to your posts. Your blog is a celebration of moments, language and imagery. A glimpse of sunshine in the wilderness. Keep it coming! Brenda J.


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