Monday, February 6, 2012

soul and flowering

 "Going in search of the heart, I found
a huge rose, and roses under all our feet!

How to say this to someone who denies it?
The robe we wear is the sky's cloth.

Everything is soul and flowering."

~ Rumi

When you are longing for a bit of spring in February.....the flower choices seem to be red or pink or white.  And so to this I added my always longing for sparkling wine (which rather delightfully comes in tiny bottles at this time of year) and composed an early Valentine's day table.  Why not?  One day is so short....

May you sip stars this week....


  1. my longing translates into yellow & purple for some reason.

  2. Wow! How absolutely lovely! You are so right, one day is not enough. Valentine's Week it is, starting today. And, I'll be right over.....


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