Tuesday, February 14, 2012

though solitude may taste like opium . . .

A N O T H E R   B E A U T Y 

~ by Adam Zagajewski

We find comfort only in 
another beauty, in others'
music, in the poetry of others.
Salvation lies with others,
though solitude may taste like 
opium. Other people aren't hell
if you glimpse them at dawn, when
their brows are clean, rinsed by dreams.
This is why I pause: which word
to use, you or he. Each he
betrays some you, but
calm conversation bides its time
in others' poems.

 It's nearly time to hop in the car and pick up my kid, so just a quick hello and a poem. I've been reading the above poem a couple times a day for the last week, having a calm conversation with it.  It's a good exercise.  I've left the book open on my desk, folded over actually.  So now it pops open directly to the page.  Which makes me love the book just a little bit more.  And why I think that the material book will never go away.

Also, the usual random photographs.  The comfort of milk and cookies.

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