Wednesday, March 21, 2012

homage to a sandwich

From "Men Say Brown" by Henry M. Seiden:

On the radio this morning: The average woman knows
275 colors—and men know eight. Women say coffee,
mocha, copper, cinnamon, taupe. Men say brown.

Women know an Amazon of colors I might have said
were green, an Antarctica of whites, oceans of colors
I'd stupidly call blue, fields of color, with flowers in them
I would have said were red.

{the rest of the poem here}

I couldn't resist the rainbow chard at the grocery store this past week....the orange stem of the one leaf just slayed me.  The greens, the reds, the purples.  I love the poem above, but I happen to be married to someone who thinks about colour all day long.  He tends to name colours with painting terms though.  Cadmium yellow light.  Or he'll tell me what you'd mix to get a certain orange.  I remember when he switched from acrylic paint to oil paint - when I first met him, over twenty years ago.  It would take such a long time to mix the exact colour he was after, and sometimes he'd scrape the whole mess off the palette and begin again.  But nowadays, he barely has to think about it, just instinctively knows which tubes to squeeze, and how much.  Like playing the piano for a long time, or learning to touch type, you don't have to think about which finger goes on which key.

“Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast because eating breakfast, even if it's 5 o'clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun and good things can still happen. Having lunch is like throwing in the towel.” 

Jonathan Goldstein

And the rest of my post will be an homage to a sandwich.  Enjoy : )


  1. I'm so enjoying reading your posts and viewing your simply delightful images. Poetry.


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