Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jasper getaway, part one

We went to Jasper for one night, two days, to save our sanity, this spring break.  I had two days off in a row, and we decided last minute to get a room at our favourite place - The Jasper Park Lodge.

We had dinner at Cavell's....the snow was falling outside but there was this beautiful light in the room.  The food was outstanding....and the beer, too, according to Rob.

C. and I shared the lobster ravioli appetizer.  We each had a plate like this:

Ridiculously good, very rich.

 Rob had the surf and turf.  A beautiful short rib, gorgeously grilled shrimp.

The meat was melt in your mouth delicious.

 I had the vegetarian risotto. Perfection.

And Chloe had the pizza - organic sausage....aromatic basil.  She loved it.

Rob passed on dessert but Chloe had the cheesecake with passionfruit puree....

And I had this chocolate medley.  Incredible.

After dinner we wandered around in the lodge.  The shops are downstairs, but then we swung upstairs.  Such an inviting place.  Beautiful light, and everywhere you look out the huge windows - the mountains.  Which were somewhat obscured by snow and mist during our stay but still incredible to look at.


  1. I loved seeing this today since here is it in the 90's. I will keep these dreamlike photos in mind when I grow weary of our heat.

  2. WAAHHH! Oh Heavens to Murgatroyd that looks good! Oh those food shots. Was trying not to pine to be there with you, but you totally did me in on the photos.

  3. It was really so refreshing! Thanks, Edna!

    Lucy - that settles it: next year, it's a date. Yes?


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