Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jasper getaway, part two

It's snowing outside here, in Edmonton, as I write this post.  April (snow) showers bring May flowers?  It's a bit more difficult to get excited by snow in April, that's for sure.  But since we usually go to Jasper in the summer this was quite a bit of fun to see.  We've also been there for many spring breaks, but usually, there's been little evidence of snow and the lake has begun to break up.  So this was different and very beautiful.

I took a lot of road shots.  I stink at road shots.  Plus the windshield was covered in spots and grime, but I kind of liked the above photos anyway.

I walked the dog past these cabins, and out onto a paved trail.  I didn't feel like slipping around on the foot path that takes you through the trees this time.

The lampposts are so great - everywhere on the lodge property. They're quite tall though, so hard to get the proportions right in a shot.

 Looking out at Lac Beauvert, covered in snow...

So very quiet out on the path. The snow was falling all the while.  And I did the nerdy thing and wrapped my camera up in a plastic bag.

 Well, after you get past all the lampposts around the lodge, there you are, out in Narnia.

I think you can tell in the one below, that the snow really was coming down.

I love the smaller trees in amidst all the tall beauties.

This again, is the view before Lac Beauvert.  The classic chairs...

Couldn't decide whether I liked them better alone or with the lamppost...

 This is the main lodge - you can catch a glimpse of the pool in the one below.

The main lodge:

I can't resist the colours of those chairs.

And below is the walk back to our cabin.  A room with a view.  We could see snowy Lac Beauvert from the front window.  I had a nice long meditation while R & C enjoyed the pool.  Very restorative.  

If you'd like to compare the JPL in summer to these, you can click here (food shots), or here.


  1. Just took a little walk down memory lane with you at the JPL two spring breaks ago.... That was fun. Sorry we missed it this time, but glad you had some meditation time and some great food adventures.

  2. I can't tell you how many times your name came up!!

  3. gorgeous series of pics, the trees looks so lovely covered by the snow and especially love the bright chairs out in the middle of no where.


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