Thursday, April 19, 2012

random speech

S T I L L N E S S 

by Mansur al- Hallaj

translated by Mahmood Jamal

Stillness, then silence, then random speech,
Then knowledge, intoxication, annihilation;

Earth, then fire, then light.
Coldness, then shade, then sunlight.

Thorny road, then a path, then the wilderness.
River, then ocean, then the shore;

Contentment, desire, then Love.
Closeness, union, intimacy;

Closing, then opening, then obliteration,
Separation, togetherness, then longing;

Signs for those of real understanding
Who find this world of little value.

A few more of the flowers this morning - took these yesterday before dashing to work.  They're starting to drop petals, fade.  (Closing then opening then obliteration).  

“A thousand secrets are hidden in simply sitting still.” 

~ Karlfried Graf D├╝rckheim {via Intense Cities}

May you find a moment or two today to look for those thousand secrets....

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