Tuesday, April 3, 2012

with eyes adjusted for winter

F R A G I L E 

So fragile this petal the earth,
as fragile as

I've been looking at these photos for days.  They don't seem quite right.  The saturation level is off.  I keep fiddling with it.  The petals were, in fact, very bright, colour-drenched, almost difficult to see - especially with eyes adjusted for winter.

There is a poem by Clarence Major titled "The Painting After Lunch" that begins so:

It wasn't working. Didn't look back. Needed something else. So
I went out. After lunch I saw it in a different light...

{the rest of the poem here}

These things we make - sometimes they take on a life of their own, and all we can do is try and see them afresh, adjust and re-adjust our eyes.  Leave them and come back.  Sit before them, with our eyes closed, learning also to see them that way.

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