Thursday, May 24, 2012


Some random favourites.  In random locations.  Above is outside the NGA.

The next two show either end of the Mall, which was mainly being dug up. The grass is being replenished and replanted in a more eco-friendly manner, I gather.

From the little grotto we admired near the Capitol building.

We saw so much amazing art - but moments like the one below make the vacation.  That's really what a family vacation is all about.

The Capitol again.

A bench in the Corcoran.

One of the pair of lions in front of the Corcoran.

I love the colours of the painting, and C's blue shirt works rather well here too I think.

From the Hirshhorn - Joseph Kosuth:

A view of the NGA from the Hirshhorn:

Who can resist taking a shot of a shiny water fountain?

This was in the garden of the Smithsonian Castle:

Street scene:

Pigeons. Wherever you travel, there they are.


  1. that water fountain photo says summer!

  2. thanks Pearl. it's still spring here, so it was fun to take in a little bit of summer.


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