Thursday, May 24, 2012

what we live

U N S A I D 

So much of what we live goes on inside–
The diaries of grief, the tongue-tied aches
Of unacknowledged love are no less real
For having passed unsaid. What we conceal
Is always more than what we dare confide.
Think of the letters that we write our dead.

So much of what we experience, internalize, see, goes unsaid.

Only a couple more posts of the DC trip photos, I promise, and then it'll be back to regular programming.  And I'll let these photos speak for themselves.  They express something of what I feel, somehow, these days, and haven't yet put into words, even for myself.  Something to do with: green, new, old, a filtered light, an unsaying, a quiet, all at once. It's not that I require daring, so much as time, space, distance.    

The last photo is at the Vietnam War Memorial.  And all the rest are here and there.  Looking up, or from down low.  : )


  1. beautiful photos and words.

    i am SO enjoying your book shawna,
    WHAT A GIFT you have given precious...
    - thank you!!


  2. that makes me sooooo happy Vibeke!!


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