Monday, June 4, 2012

beautiful people

That there are so many beautiful people in the world - that's one of the many things I have learned through this practice of blogging.  And one of them resides here.  In my mailbox recently - the sweetest package, containing a beautifully handwritten letter and the very loveliest wrist warmers!  I adore them and will always treasure them.  At least I will when I can get them away from Chloe : ) She put them on so I could take a photograph.  The good news is that I think she's inspired by their beauty to knit a pair for herself.  


  1. : )

    beautiful photos!

    i love peonies. mine are not blooming for a while yet but they have lots of small buds.....i think their buds are quite pretty too..


  2. and I just planted a pink Sarah Bernhardt peony and a cold-hardy Annabelle hydrangea...hope that they are as beautiful for us as they are in Edmonton.


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