Monday, June 18, 2012

i wished for another poem

“Look, a butterfly. Did you make a wish?
You don’t wish on butterflies.
You do so. Did you make one?
It doesn’t count.”

~ “The Butterfly,” from Meadowlands, Louise Glück

“I wished what I always wish for, I wished for another poem.”
~ Louise Glück

It is summer and it's possible to enter the library of butterflies.  Here, these paper ones, magnetized to adorn refrigerators (or Tibetan bells, or bird cages).

It's possible to make wishes on butterflies.  On the yes of them.

The languages we learn to speak again every summer:  butterfly, pollen, rose, bird nest, dragonfly, wings, grass - each blade a different dialect.

In winter we speak: frost, sparkle, snow, buried, silence.

In both seasons:  play, light, dream, falling (petals or snow).


  1. Before I dash off to work I had to let you know the first quote brought such a smile to my face. In fact after reading the entire post - I nodded, smiled (again), let out a sigh, went back to my blog and hit the publish key. Thank you - great way to start the day.

  2. hey, thanks Pat! you're lovely. enjoying your blog very much!


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