Friday, July 13, 2012

food and wine

I remember when I first started blogging I didn't even really know what blogging was or what it could be. I didn't want to make any huge faux pas though, so I would read blogs about blogging and always, Always, in the list of things not to do was, "don't write about what you had for lunch.  No one wants to know what you had for lunch."  Well, tell that to all the successful food bloggers out there.  

Of course, this is not a food blog, but a blog-of-calm.  And really, what's more soothing than a cold glass of white wine on a hot summer evening?  So that is where we begin.  Looking deeply at the pictures that appear in a  wine glass.....

The other really soothing thing, is coming home from work at the library, to find a freshly poured glass of wine, and to see this sitting on your counter:

R. was treated (along with several other artists) to a rather amazing fishing trip not long ago by a patron of the arts, and more importantly, a patron of his art.  If the trip wasn't great enough (once in a lifetime experience), of course you also get to bring home your catch.  This is the most incredible salmon I've ever had.

Simply cooked on the bbq- wrapped in foil with lemon, green onions, garlic and a little olive oil.  So I'm told.

The green blur behind was the kale you saw in previous post.  Sautéed in lemon, OO, and a splash of red wine.  Something like that.

And there it is!  Pretty glorious.  

Not sure that the kale looks so amazing - but the taste was fabulous.

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