Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hive update

I have to admit it was a lot of fun to hear that Richard Helm at the Edmonton Journal very kindly gave Hive: A Forgery a shout out in his column.  The piece was titled, "Of sex and art and the good old days of print."  Yes, this will be the only time my work is mentioned alongside 50 Shades of Grey.

To be honest, I don't really have a 'marketing plan' for Hive.  You might remember me telling you that my goal was to sell 100 copies.  I'm half way there.  Contrast this to the 50 million dollars that 50 Shades has made so far, and feel amused.

My book is about the difficulties of becoming an artist in a world that is so exposed.  Her book is about sex.  My book struggles to understand what it means to be real in a world that is often fake.  Her book is about sex.  My book is about disappearing, about being true to one's art, in spite of all those who try to thwart this.  Her book is about sex. My book could be said to "defy categorization." Hers is about sex.  I could go on.

Anyway, all this to say, that if you're a blogger or reviewer, and would be interested in saying a word or two (negative or positive or in between) about Hive, I do have a few review copies set aside.  So please drop me a line with your mailing address, tell me where you write, and voila, it shall be done.  Write me at shawnalemay {at}


  1. thank you for the beautiful cards
    you sent me!

    sending love
    a poem : )


    At home there's a sun-corner
    where spring quietly stirs.
    Dripping all day long.
    Clear drops from the snow-rim,
    they reflect both good and bad
    in their brief fall, and are shattered.
    The sun is a hot cataract.

    In that sun-corner,
    where you were born -
    it's those drops that should
    mirror you, and wet your lips,
    pure from the snow-rim and
    right into your heart.

    It's in that faint smell of
    spring moisture you should fall asleep.
    That call you should heed.
    There, everything would feel right.

    It's all moving downhill.
    Everything's oozing toward a distant goal,
    on its way to the sea.
    An unknown sea inside a dream.
    All of spring's sorrow is heading there.
    All thoughts spiral there
    and then disappear.

    Your childhood sun-corner is where
    you are when the call sounds.

    -Tarjei Vesaas

  2. 50 Shades of Grey is just a Harlequin Romance! EEEEyeww. The minds of the masses are made of mush.

  3. thank you, dear v, for the wonderful poem.

    anony - hee hee! well, moral of the story: sex sells.


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