Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A very quick hello this morning.  Rain ongoing.  Errands to run.  Poem to write.  And to be perfectly honest, I've been having far too much fun fiddling with my "Otlet's Shelf" on Tumblr.  (My daughter informs me that I'm too old for Tumblr, but she conceded that the Otlet's Shelf theme might be okay for me).  I've added a 'page' above (titled - recommended reading) which will take you there.  Or you can click here.  

I plan on adding titles as they come up on the blog, but for now they're just books that I've read or re-read recently, or that have meant something to me as a writer, or because I'm generally obsessed with them in an ongoing sort of way.  (Clarice Lispector - at the bottom of the shelf, Helene Cixous, etc).  

A small aside - if you purchase a book via my Otlet's shelf - as an amazon associate I get a small, very small, percentage.

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