Friday, July 13, 2012

slightly invisible

Of course, it's a little difficult to find a poem that complements a photograph of kale, but the colours are interesting to compare to the next two photos of my back yard, the evening light again.

It's been the hottest July on record here, so far.  Perhaps that will change?  But not today.  Very hot, very close.  Muggy.  Not complaining.  In the evenings, we three, and the dog too, have made it a habit of sitting outside, and for me this is truly heaven.  Last night our daughter was reading a book on her iPad, Rob was reading my dogeared copy of The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa, and I was taking photos and scribbling in my diary with my fountain pen filled with Jane Austen ink.  The dog was splayed out on the deck, looking a bit like a black puddle. Those are the moments I want to soak in, to live very deeply.

But, so.  If I haven't talked you into ordering a copy of Zagajewski's new and selected already, here is another poem.  The opening line describes this summer perfectly.

S U M M E R 


That summer was so hot and muggy...
The white sky hung above me like a circus tent.
I talked to myself, wrote letters,
dialed interminable numbers.
It was so stifling that ink
dried up in fountain pens. Hawks swooned.
I even sent a telegram, accepted
with a start by the dozing post office.
Drunken wasps reeled above the table,
sugar cubes burst in black coffee.
I wandered through the town and turned
slightly invisible, out of habit,
from despair. I talked to myself.
An airport, a train station, a church
shot up at the end of every street.
Travelers spoke of fires and omens.
I looked for you everywhere, everywhere.
Shutters were locked, borders sealed,
only clouds stole westward.
It was so hot, the lead dripped
from stained-glass windows.

The back steps.  The quieter light of evening.  The winding down, feeling of sinking, pleasantly, into invisible, into oneself.


  1. I ordered it from the U of M library just this morning, actually...

  2. nice! let me know what you think : )


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