Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the sunlight tarries

The weight of light after rain.  The greens are darker, full, saturated, heavy.  

Every day the light is different, shows the same old things in a new way.  It's impossible to keep up with the light on the vine.  

I N   S U M M E R 

by Denise Levertov

When the light, late in the afternoon, pauses among
the highest branches of the highest trees,
they stir a little, as if in pleasure. Light and a passing breeze
become one and the same, a caress. Then the lower branches,

leaves or needles in shadow, take up the lilt
of that response, their green with its hint of blue forming
that, if it were sound, could be called
a chord with the almost yellow of those
the sunlight tarries with.

Maybe it feels like you've seen these photos before, these roses.  But they're completely different the same.  

The delicate light in the morning after rain in the night.

The newly bloomed, the late bloomers, hold a different light, and even the colour of the petals is softer.

 Later in the afternoon, the sun shines right through them, petals warm to the touch.

F L O W E R S   B E F O R E   D A R K

by Denise Levertov

Stillness of flowers. Colors
a slow intense fire, faces
cool to the touch, burning.
Massed flowers in dusk, crimson, 
magenta, orange,
unflickering furnace, gaze
unswerving, innocent scarlet,
ardent white, afloat
on late light, serene passion
stiller than silence.

Rob cut some flowers and took photos of them in the bright mid-day sun, one by one.  The slow intense fire of them, their silence, and they seemed to get quieter through the day, so that by evening, yes, they were stiller than silence.

And then, wandering outside after another rainfall, in the backyard, late in the day.

The flowers by the fence are cool and quiet, their gaze unswerving....

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  1. That little rosebud is beautiful! Nice job, Shawna.


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