Sunday, August 12, 2012

finding the beauty in the domestic

We've spent the last couple of days picking our Evan's Cherry tree, cleaning the fruit, and freezing it.  I love these cherries - they make great muffins, pies, etc. and have that lovely tartness. We actually had some leftover from last year - and so used it to make this cherry spread.  Nice on toast or yes, on frozen waffles.  Usually I make waffles myself, but just haven't had time.

Meanwhile, C. was in the kitchen this week and made the S'mores cookies below.  One cookie feeds a family of four. Seriously.  I don't know if you can see in the photograph how huge they are. Delicious, for sure.  

I know that most of the photos I take of food, especially lately, indicate that we only eat hamburgers and nachos and other such healthy things.  But we honestly try to eat fairly decently.  Just before writing this post I was looking up recipes for lentils.  I swear. 

The next photos are of pizza though.  Homemade pizza, so not sooo bad, right?  The red pepper we grew in the garden, as well as the tomatoes and basil. 

It's a strange thing, right, to photograph food.  But it's a way, too, to find the beauty in the domestic.  I find I enjoy making things more, knowing I might also get a photo out of the process.   

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  1. Just love it... we're always find the most if not the best from anyone else. And it's great to have those we wanted and have enjoy it's goodness.


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