Sunday, August 5, 2012

imagine a refreshing light

"One of the oldest mediation exercises is a simple breathing exercise. The morning is a good time to do this. You simply breathe the light into you. You imagine a bright light over your head. Then visually, using your breath, you bring that light slowly down through the body. Through your head, neck, shoulders, stomach, legs and out through your feet. You can imagine a refreshing light. This will fill your body with a sense of lightness. When you breathe out slowly, impinge that you are breathing out the darkness. Clods of heavy charcoal sadness can leave your soul on the outward breath."

~ John O'Donohue, from Four Elements

Sometimes there is an abundance.  Sometimes it is possible to breathe light.

Yesterday, a sense of lightness.

Yesterday, hundreds of photographs of the same handful of flowers, in all the usual spots.  The blue table, the turquoise one.  In the stone bowl, on the same old book.  A happiness.

This strange desire, always, to apologize for abundance.  Which is insane.  The one thing that all this photograph business has taught me is that the more creative we are, the more creative we are.  And so.

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