Wednesday, August 22, 2012

living with art

Rob finished his latest painting last night and hung it over the couch, and today sent a few off to the gallery. So far it's too wet to photograph properly (he usually does it outside in natural light at a certain time of day). I won't mind having this one around for a few more weeks.  These photos don't do the painting justice of course, but they give an idea of scale, and of how we live with art, the ever changing art show...

 These next photos are of the work just before it was taken to the gallery in town here for the upcoming fall show. They've been varnished, and hooks put in the back for wires.

And through it all the dog removes himself to the kitchen so he can avoid the to-ing and fro-ing of the large canvases.  

Of course I'm sad to see them go, to leave the house.  But there's also feelings of hope that go along with the sadness.  We'll see them again, anyway, at the show in September (the 22nd at the Douglas Udell Gallery).


  1. Oh I love the large scale of the images, very much. How interesting knowing that you live with them for a time and then new ones replace them -- just like in a gallery. I've been to the Douglas Udell gallery -- very impressive though I realize his art is truly more than worthy of such a remarkable venue. I had no idea canvases were varnished, though that does make sense. Thank you for sharing this glimpse with us.

  2. Nice photos for sure! Lucky to have an artist moving thing through too, never knew Edmonton has people like you living in it!lol. I guess that's what blogger is for! Great shots for sure! Thanks!


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