Friday, August 17, 2012

separated by a film

"The feeling that one is on the edge of many things: that there are many worlds from which we are separated by only a film; that a flick of the wrist, a turn of the body another way will bring us to a new world. It is more than a perpetual expectation: yet sometimes the sense of richness is haunting: it is richness and yet denial, this living a half a step, as it were, from what one should be. The valleys are always green, but only the eyes, never the feet, are there...The feeling is always with us, but most in the middle of the morning."

 ~ Theodore Roethke

"How are you this morning? - the eternal question."

"I have mercy in the morning."

~ Theodore Roethke

The above photos were taken in my neighbour's yard. Almost all of the photos taken in the morning, but a couple of them might be late afternoon light.

I have loved the combination of the apricot roses and the terra cotta pot all summer.

This one taken after a brief rain shower.

My writing chair. The pink roses.  I can't believe how they've bloomed all summer long and still go on blooming.

The light on these ones - slays me.  Don't know why.

The patch of light on the grass, unexpected, and to me so lovely.

Not a great photo, but I love it because you can see the birdbath bokeh below the flower.

At the end of our street. There is an older couple who keep a pretty immaculate lawn.  I feel bad that I took the photo the one day when you can spot a weed or two.

On my walk, trying to capture those beauties that hang over the grey fences.

The apples from two doors down.

Along the dog walk path.  A small glimpse into what grows in someone's backyard.

The wild daisies.  A thistle.  Along the path.

And back to my front yard.  I always have a pot of begonias in the shade outside my front door.  For some reason they're having an incredible year.  The right amount of rain and cool perhaps.  Who knows.  But I keep trying to capture the apricot colour that the yellow begonia is fringed with....and never quite getting it.  Almost.

And this is the view when I sit on my front step.  The shady side of the house.  The Tibetan bell bokeh.

And so it is Friday and now I've emptied out my recent photos folder.  So that I may begin again.....

Have a lovely weekend all!  I shall be at the library on the weekend, so you can think of me there, amid the books and people.  That loveliness.


  1. Simply beautiful. I have always admired your ability to find beauty everywhere, in everything. Have a lovely weekend as well!

  2. i LOVED your post: for the sake of my paleness!!!
    and thank you for the sweet words : )

    the photo of you was so pretty.
    you are beautiful shawna.....both on the inside and outside!



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