Friday, August 31, 2012

the clearest way

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

~John Muir

My forest cravings this week (I often have forest cravings - this is part of my chemical make-up), led me, led all of us, as I took Rob and Chloe along with as well, to this road that has been blocked to cars at the edge of the city.  The top photo is taken in our backyard.  But all the others are taken along this road.

This morning I'm reminded of the year I spent writing forest poems, immersing myself in childhood memories, in fairy tales, in images of wolfs and red cloaks.  My Red Velvet Forest.

How long ago that was, just yesterday.

I'm reminded, looking at these photos this morning, that I need to get back.  To find a spot in the trees in which to think, to escape to.  

I spent some time trying to focus on the little green caterpillar below and in another shot.  Several runners stopped to see what I was so intent on, and were completely delighted that I had spotted the creature and seemed thrilled in general that I was taking photos along the path. Which I thought was rather lovely.

And so, it is Friday morning.  We have made it all the way through another week, and to a long weekend.  I hope you're able to answer a craving or two this weekend - a forest craving perhaps, a craving for stillness, for silence.  

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  1. These are exquisite images all. May your weekend be full of stillness. I lived in the forest for nearly 2 decades so now I'm embracing the ocean and the hem of the ocean but there is stillness in both. I too 'get caught' taking photos where others don't usually expect to see another person let alone taking photographs of some 'ordinary' point of view. I'm needing and enjoying your posts. Thank you and happy weekend


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